Animation Block Party 2019 award winners.

Student Film:

God of Chaos: Maddie Brewer / RISD

Original Design:

The Hole: Will Kim / California

Best In Show:

Home Away 3000: Héloïse Pétel and Philippe Baranzini / France

Animation For Kids:

The Bird and the Whale: Carol Freeman / Ireland

Audience Award:

Eli: Nate Milton / NYC


ABP 2019 Opening Night with Picture This!!!

The 16th annual Animation Block Party drops Friday, September 20th with a FREE live animated comedy experience starring Picture This at DSK, located at 710 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217.

Picture This featured artists:

COMEDY: hosted by Jason Chatfield, starring Nina Tarr, Mike Drucker, Claudia Cogan, Mike Brown, Liz Miele

ANIMATION: Bryan Brinkman, Emmett Goodman, Rachel Gitlevich, Sarah Schmidt, Dan Pinto and Lindsey DeMars.

Festivities will also include 16mm classic cartoons from Cartoons on Film, a fresh episode of TAMA and Friends, the most excellent Animation Summer Zine release, plus Weihenstephan drink specials all night*

Doors open at 730pm, screening + comedy starts at 8pm on Friday, September 20th at DSK Brooklyn!

Seating is on a first come, first served basis.

Animation Block Party 2019 at BAM Film!

Friday, September 20, 2019

7pm – White Snake (Amp Wong & Zhao Ji / China / 98 min) (2019)

Conceived as a prequel to one of the most ancient and enduring stories in Chinese history, White Snake presents a sumptuous tale of trickster demons, deadly mythical beasts, assassins, wuxia action, and the promise of eternal love.


Saturday, September 21, 2019

2pm - Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!) (1980)

Charlie Brown and the gang travel to Europe as exchange students. Directed by Bill Melendez and Phil Roman. The last traditionally animated Peanuts film from the Bill Melendez studio.

430pm – Narrative Works, Independents, Local Filmmakers (2019)

An eclectic program of animated films by East Coast based artists, featuring some of the finest New York animators with a focus on narrative themes. Filmmaker Q&A after screening.

Animation Block Cake Jam (Ben Li / Los Angeles / 30 sec)

This year’s festival bumper features Puppers baking away his munchies.

Honeyheart (Alice Langlois / RISD / 5:57 min)

Whimsical stop-motion film about a bird, a honeybee, and their poetic journey.

WIND (Dana Sink / Harrisburg, Pennsylvania / 1:53 min)

An exploration of movement and meaning.

Eli (Nate Milton / New York / 11 min)

Within the filmmaker’s personal realms of High Strangeness, Magical Thinking and Manic Delusion.

Fridge (Eugene Kolb / Brooklyn / 2:44 min)

A woman is overcome by her carnivorous appetite.

R.I.P. (Cooper Haskell / NYC / 8:24 min)

Procrastinating writer sleeps his life away on the New York City Subway.

UFO (Wendy Cong Zhao / Brooklyn / 20 sec)

Flying object sighting in Brooklyn.

Mt. Sundae (Katharine Kow / SVA / 4:46 min)

A girl needs ice cream from the mountain, but it's guarded by a grumpy yeti.

Ride (Richard O’Connor / New York / 1:45 min)

Journey through North Dublin in the rain. A true story.

Daylight (Amir Jahanbin / Brooklyn / 3:22 min)

The meeting of the Sun and the Moon. 3D animated music video for 'Daylight' by brz.

War For Dogs (Felipe Di Poi / NYC / 2:59 min)

Moment between a student and teacher lead us into a world torn apart by a massive war.

Gum and Sauce Go to Skill School (Chadwick Whitehead / Brooklyn / 4:07 min)

Gum pranks Sauce to get a hilarious snapshot for photography class. 

Welcome to Hell (Lindsey DeMars / Long Island, NY / 2:02 min)

Just getting settled in hell, a devilish tale written by Kath Dunham and Claire Sise.

Heat Stroke (Lauren McKinley / SCAD / 1:11 min)

A part-time employee forced to stand outside hallucinates due to the heat.

Break Down (Emmett Goodman / MFACA / 3:14 min)

Manic wrestler and a calm elderly lady, find themselves in a dire situation.

Idle, Torrent (Alex Moy / Brooklyn / 2:32 min)

Study of personal growth amidst tumultuous times.

Tulipomania, This Gilded Age (Cheryl Gelover / Bristol, PA / 3:18 min)

Animated paint and collage, ripped, reconfigured from print and film, present unsettling shifting surfaces.

Suppression (Dan Hodges / NYC / 1:35 min)

A consciously moving saga, featuring a silly child's day trip to a mysterious zoo.

Expend (Bismark Fernandes / SCAD / 3:53 min)

Stop-motion film about a man’s endless hunt for elusive energy sources in a decaying world.

Sensitive Hearing (Chris Rutledge / Brooklyn / 1:02 min)

The downfall of a person with exceptional hearing.

Foot Race (Ty Enos / Tufts University / 1:35 min)

A young man has lost his shoe and his shoe races to find him.

Faithy, hey (Emily Hubley / NJ / 3:54 min)

Self-portraits from artist Faith Hubley’s journal revisited years later by her daughter.

Perennial Stream (Sonnye Lim / NY / 4:40 min)

Single sheet of paper, graphite marks are drawn, erased, re-drawn, leaving behind a map of remains.

7pm – International Shorts (2019)

Animation Block Party presents a diverse collection of award-winning international shorts. Filmmaker Q&A after screening.

Orbit (Tess Martin / Netherlands / 6:49 min)

Spinning drawings guide the flow of energy through our planet, pondering our place in the natural cycle.

Entropia (Flóra Anna Buda / Hungary / 10:29 min)

Three parallel universes where three girls are living in different circumstances.

Circuit (Delia Hess / Switzerland / 8:41 min)   

A small planet, in their private universe, inhabitants perform poetically surreal actions in an endless loop. 

Still Lives (Elli Vuorinen / Finland / 6:02 min)

Busy stillness is explored as museum artefacts reflect on the mundane challenges of modern life.

Deady Freddy (Alicia Eisen / Vancouver, BC / 10:13 min)

Freddy must live his life backwards through the eyes of every bug he has ever killed.

Smite (Tyler Nardone / Toronto / 2:15 min)

Dimwitted pigeon unknowingly incites the wrath of the Pope after pooping on his head.

Lee Ann Womack's "Hollywood" (Chris Ullens / UK / 4:49 min)

Lee Ann embarks on a cinematic road trip through iconic California.

Home Away 3000 (Heloise Petel & Philippe Baranzini / France / 11:17 min)

After crashing on an unknown planet, a space traveller begins repairing his spaceship.

Aripi (Dmitri Voloshin / Moldova / 8:11 min)

An exciting adventure about an astronaut forgotten and his dream that unexpectedly came true.

Story (Jola Bankowska / Poland / 5:08 min)

The age of omnipresent technology, a young girl observes the world as virtual sinks into reality.

Tuna (Cliona Noonan / Ireland / 6 min)

A late-night supermarket cashier with a strange obsession is visited by a mysterious customer.

9pm – Female Animators, co-presented with Malt Adult (2019)

Stellar short films from the world’s top female filmmakers co-presented by Columbus, Ohio based art zine collective, Malt Adult. Filmmaker Q&A after screening.

Olga's Self Insert Fanfiction (Ella Sanderson & Georgette Stefoulis / Australia / 3:49 min)

When Olga finds an escape through her fanfiction her fantasies run wild.

Punk Rock Yoga (Annette DeLorean / Honolulu / 1:12 min)

Jade is getting tired of Debbie's behavior at work.

Albatross Soup (Winnie Cheung / Brooklyn / 6:51 min)

A man gets off a boat. He walks into a restaurant and orders albatross soup.

I Feed Her (Natasha L Sharpe / Providence & NY / 1:08 min)

Toothpastie and Natasha tend to each other like a well-oiled machine.

Jack (Elizabeth Dettmann / RIT / 4:20 min)

Werewolf myth, American folk legends, and familial bonds.

Limbo (Jennifer Stachovic / Chicago & LA / 5:21 min)

Lonely ghost girl, longing to cross over, befriends a mysterious phantom limb.

Annihilation Song by Rubblebucket (Amanda Bonaiuto / NYC / 3:52 min)

A woman is swept up by pelicans and chaos in an afternoon ride share.

Pinto (Emily Malone / CalArts / 6:47 min)

The story of a girl who loves a girl who loves horses.

Eve Of (Lauren Armstrong / RISD / 4:45 min)

Guardian nymph of a petrified planet is brought to life by a storm of fish – a creation myth.

The Imaginary Woman (Laura Benavides / Colombia / 12 min)

'You yourself will be that other woman you have never seen'

Code Ruth (Caroline Voagen Nelson / NYC / 3:58 min)

A true love story about a Morse code instructor finding her path during WWII. 

The Blue of Salt (Alice Bohl / France / 9:54 min)

A young woman takes a night train. The journey brings back painful memories.

March 8 (Carolina Melis / Italy / 1 min)

Celebration of womanhood.

Home? (Helena Giersz / California / 5 min)

A woman returns to her homeland, discovering that her memories don’t actually reflect reality.

The Opposites Game (Lisa LaBracio & Anna Samo / TED-Ed / 4:43 min)

Students grapple with a seemingly simple prompt: what is the opposite of a gun?

Sunday, September 22, 2019

2pm – Animation for Kids (2019)

A new edition of excellent family-friendly animated shorts from Animation Block Party. Filmmaker Q&A after screening.

The Bird and the Whale (Carol Freeman / Ireland / 7:04 min)

The latest from Paper Panther, a young whale separated from his family discovers a caged bird.

why z? (Asher Horowitz / SVA / 3:57 min)

The last letter of the alphabet struggles finding his way in a world that constantly reminds him of his place at the end.

Wanderlust (Regina Cicone / Ringling / 3 min)

Musical about a suitcase who wants to explore Paris but is trapped inside with his workaholic owner.

Zoua (Nicolas Wendl / Philippines / 7:12 min)

The imagination of children comes to life, a young boy goes on an adventure to escape a deserted island.

Young Wonder (Jonathan Wax / NY / 3:48 min)

The inspiration behind fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

The Forest and the Trees (Choom Lam / Canada / 6:26 min)

Determined mushroom conquers tumultuous emotions while journeying through a forest.

Preheated (Luke Snedecor & Sarah Heinz / Chapman University / 6:05 min)

Aoy's plan to bake a cake turns disastrous when his scientist father's experiment is added to the mix.

Monarcade (Christine Axworthy / SCAD / 3:10 min)

In a battle of supremacy at the Arcade, only one kid can be King.

Prince, Princess & Dragon (Miranda Jacoby / NY / 40 sec)

When the prince comes a-knocking, the princess must make a life-changing choice.

Rata Voladora (Lourdes Stephanie Mercado / UCLA / 2:09 min)

A rat has a dream of eating cheese and it involves flying.

Of Crumbs And Dreams (Brian Giovanni / Los Angeles / 3:06 min)

A starry-eyed ant sets out to leave the colony and pursue his destiny. But where exactly is he going?

Gift (Againstallodds / Stockholm / 2:27 min)

One of Santa’s witty little elves becomes our endearing hero!

The Wrong Rock (Michael Cawood / Santa Clarita / 13 min)

Martin the Mushroom was born on the wrong rock.

Riley (Katelyn Costello / MassArt / 1:30 min)

The story of a girl and her dog; animated with wax pastel crayons.

430pm – The Bugs Bunny/Road-Runner Movie (1979)

A 35mm print of the 40-year old classic Warner Brothers cartoon compilation featuring everyone’s favorite Looney Tunes superstars.

7pm – Animated Student Films (2019)

Animation Block Party showcases the best student films of the year. Filmmaker Q&A after screening.

Julia (Julian Gallese / Royal College of Art / 2:24 min)

Bread is a staple food prepared from a dough of flour and water, usually by baking.

Knife Hanging From A Tree (JiHee Nam / CalArts / 3:21 min)

A fruit, the persimmon, depicting the idea of greed and karma, a small object could change people.

A Peach (Lina Kalcheva / London College of Communication / 4:16 min)

A boy is enamored with a peach, progressively becoming sexually obsessed and terrified of it.

Cadence (Branwyn Elizabeth / SVA / 4:13 min)

Kids can enlist when they're 18, sometimes 17, fighting for freedoms civilians take for granted.

waiting by the phone (Olivia Jensen / DePaul / 3:36 min)

One woman living in an apartment for two, struggling to live while coping with the tragedy.

Time To Go (Chloe Mitchell / SFSU / 3:05 min)

Animated music video showcasing a personal take on the normalcy of depression.

A Bird With No Legs (Nick Cinelli / NFTS / 8:55 min)

Theo plays his saxophone to lead his father inside a magical song to help overcome his grief.

Out Of Service (Carwyn Leung / Edinburgh College of Art / 3:18 min)

Security guard stumbles across a child who dropped their toy down an elevator gap.

Great gig in the sky (Cody Millett / MassArt / 2:37 min)

Struggling to write a hit song, bandmates find their unique sound when a new member joins the band.

Fireflower (Stephan Leeper / Huntington University / 6:28 min)

Nun, four orphans and a glitchy robot on a quest for beauty. . . what could possibly go wrong?

Today, Tomorrow, Right Now (Carl D'Arpa / RIT / 5:25 min)

A man goes into the desert to dig his own grave.

Blieschow (Christoph Sarow / Filmakademie Baden Württemberg GmbH / 9:39 min)

Young boy's struggle with an ocean of chickens, peeing, the universe and his rough cousin.

Myrtle (Kyu-yeon Jung / Cal State Long Beach / 4:54 min)

Vengeful trash monsters chase after a girl who is too lazy to clean up her waste in a proper way.

Protein Pal (Mitchell Blass & Andres Guerrero / Ringling / 1:50 min)

An obese man accidentally summons an protein-shake-genie.

Kelpie (Dani Bittner / Sheridan College / 3:42 min)

Shepherd frees a panicked, trapped horse, only to find out why it was shackled in the first place.

God of Chaos (Maddie Brewer / RISD / 6:29 min)

A mysterious cult performs an ancient ceremony... inviting an otherworldly power into their earthly realm.

9pm – Experimental Films, Graphic Design and Music Videos (2019)

Design centric animated shorts, music videos and outstanding experimental works. Filmmaker Q&A after screening.

Business (Al Pardo / New York / 1 min)

Power naps, corporate profits, happy hour, it’s all just business.

The Wheel Turns (Sang Joon Kim / Brooklyn & Seoul / 12:39 min)

Prosaic subway operator turned into a toad rediscovers himself in a dystopic world.

Hell of a Week (Damien Bastelica / NYC / 2:11 min)

Mondays drag but imagine if every day sucked. Well, that's Roger's life, he's having one hell of a week.

Sound Holds the Distance Travelled (Gareth Gowran / Dublin / 3:21 min)

‘The Melancholic Wife loved to dance…’

 Sad Heart (Karni and Saul / UK / 4:18 min)

A woman’s journey on the sound wave of her own song.

Words of Love (Chiara Luber / France / 2:01 min)

The fruit of a broken heart and endless binging on Italian romantic comedies.

Paper or Plastic (Nata Metlukh / San Francisco / 7:36 min)

An immigrant comes to the first-world country to paint a mural on the tallest tower.

The Hole (Will Kim / Los Angeles / 3:42 min)

A mother bird searches for her baby son that fails to fly and accidentally falls into a hole.

cache cache (Megan Jedrysiak & Jackson Ammenheuser / Chicago, IL / 13 min)

Group of friends start a game of hide and seek. 

Random Thoughts (Steven Vander Meer / Manila, CA / 7:20 min)

An undaunted filmmaker searches for inspiration... and a bathroom.

Saw/Ate Sad Bird (Lauren Flinner / CalArts / 3:05 min)

I saw a bird. I caught a bird and I ate it. Now there is a sad bird in me.

Ripple Home (Laura Reedy / Los Angeles / 1:27 min)

One woman's surreal journey of trying to stay connected to the people she loves.

The Lineman (Jay Shipman / UCLA / 4:24 min)

A weary lineman is lulled to sleep by a hypnotic tone, gaining a new appreciation for those close to him.

Guidance (David Delafuente / NY / 4 min)

'The function of the wrestler is not to win; it is to go through the motions which are expected of him.'

Winners Bitch (Sam Gurry / Hollywood / 6:57 min)

Insight into the truth of the noted all breed American Kennel Club judge, Virginia Hampton.

Animation Summer Zine!

This September 20th, the Animation Block Party and Malt Adult will release a most excellent summer zine featuring the art, designs and essays of animation festival participants, attendees and fans… anyone can submit creative work using the theme of “SUMMER.”

Summer zine submissions are open from June 21-July 31, 2019!

The FREE animation summer zine will be released at the Animation Block Party Opening Night Celebration at DSK Brooklyn on September 20th!!!

The submission guidelines are as follows:

  1. Please keep file specs of “SUMMER” themed creative work within 5.5" x 8.5" inches or less. 4.25 x 2.75 is also an acceptable submission size if preferred.

  2. Please email final “SUMMER” images as 300 dpi TIFF, JPEG or EPS files, text may be copied and pasted into the body of email entry.

  3. Files may be in color or black and white, preferably CMYK, but RGB also works.

  4. Please send art, design and essay submissions to: maltadult@gmail.com

Animation Block Alumni Showcase – Official Program at Rooftop Films.

Official Film Listing for Animation Block Party Alumni Screening on June 21, 2019:

Animation Block Party returns to Rooftop Films for an awesome first day of summer alumni event on Friday, June 21 at Industry City, located at 51 35th St., Sunset Park, Brooklyn!

*films listed in alphabetical order*

Avarya (Gökalp Gönen / Turkey / 20 min)

Trapped in a spaceship in the hope of finding a new habitable planet. North American Premiere*

Charles Darwin, Family Man (Directed by Steven Kraus, Animated by Joy Buran & Noelle Melody / NY / 2 min)

Meet Mr. Darwin, his loving wife Emma and their darling yet accident-prone daughter Winnie.

Flex Calibur (Bob Fox, Chris Burns, Gary Doodles & Tommy Sica / NY / 7 min)

Flex Calibur lived like a rock star, and now he's rocking in Hell!

Floreana (Lou Morton / Denmark & California / 4 min)

On a remote island in the future, people are training for an important mission.

Grandma’s Cats: Pizza Delivery Disaster (Danica Perry / California / 2 min)

More fun with those sneaky cats courtesy of DreamWorksTV.

Octane (Jeron Braxton / NYC/ 6 min)

A man must race thru hell and back to get what he wants.

Phantom 52 (Geoff Marslett / Texas, PA, CO / 8 min)

Calling out on his CB radio, a trucker waits for a reply that never comes.

Pine High (Created by Rob Bohn & Produced by Nate Milton / US / 7 min)

A colorful portrayal of what suburban teenage life looks like from the other side of normal.

Popcorn (Frank Moser & Paul Terry / NY, Terrytoons / 5:40 min)

New restoration of 1931 county fair short via Terrytoons courtesy of historian Jerry Beck’s private collection.

Rose Quartz/Fulton Street by La Dispute (Sarah Schmidt / Columbus, OH / 5:46 min)

Animated music video from the La Dispute album Panorama.

Too Loud: Bad Gurlz (Nico Colaleo / California / 5 min)

DreamWorksTV exclusive premiere meetup with the local bad gurlz, Spud and Wedge.

Under Covers (Michaela Olsen / Brooklyn / 7 min)

The night of a lunar eclipse, uncover the sweet, salacious, and spooky secrets of a small town.

Tickets and information at: https://www.rooftopfilms.com/event/animation-block-party/


Animation Block Party Alumni Showcase at Rooftop Films!!!

Friday, June 21 at Industry City, 51 35th St., Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

8:00 PM - Doors Open
8:30 PM - Live Music
9:00 PM - Films Begin
10:30 PM - Q&A
11:00 PM - After-Party