our History


In 2003-04, Casey Safron was hosting animation screenings in downtown Manhattan. The events grew in popularity. Animators needed a venue to showcase their films in a world before YouTube. Safron’s college roommate owned a coffee shop in East Williamsburg called The Archive that had access to a screen down the block. Safron courted sponsors and curated a festival program. Hundreds of people showed up to the first official Animation Block Party on Sept. 9, 2004.

In 2005, ABP received corporate sponsorship and began working with the Brooklyn Academy of Music. ABP partnered with Rooftop Films in 2006. The festival became a full weekend event and by 2009 was averaging 2,500-plus attendees. Last summer, ABP passed 5,000 attendees for the third consecutive July. Animation Block Party is an international four-day fest featuring panel discussions, exclusive showcases, amazing after-parties and the world’s best new animated shorts.


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