Animation Block Party 2004

The first official Animation Block Party premiered in Brooklyn on Sept 9th, 2004. The festival was curated by Casey Safron and exhibited professional and independent shorts, as well as the best recent animations from the top colleges on the East Coast (SVA, NYU, Pratt, Parsons, RISD, etc). The festival was not officially open for submissions, but word of mouth resulted in 100 plus entries…


NY MAG 2004

the first animation block party

september 9, 2004

This introductory edition of Animation Block Party featured a rooftop screening, overlooking a beautiful cityscape. Just moments before the event began, the skies opened up and torrential rain plagued the outdoor venue. But within minutes, the sky cleared, seats were dried and nearly 300 fans appeared to watch almost two hours of award-winning animation. An after-party that roared all night long followed the screening.

Some of the world's top independent and professional animators participated in and attended the festival, leading the obvious questions of what next... that question was answered soon after with the announcement of a Valentine's Day Animation Festival.

See the entire September 9th program below. The event was sponsored by Krispy Kreme, Pabst Blue Ribbon and NY Central Art Supply. This screening was hosted by OfficeOps and the after-party was held at the Archive.

  • Intro - Julianna Cox

  • Synthesis - Matt Sheridan

  • Egg - LJ Murphy

  • Christmas Lament - Tak Hoon Kim

  • Sail to the Moon - Elizabeth Mornigello

  • Pieces - Sarah Witcliffe

  • Laugh - Irra Verbitsky

  • Love Hurts - Jason Gottlieb

  • She - Jimmy Calhoun

  • Eye Spy - Biljana Labovic

  • You Won't Remember This - Jeff Scher

  • Fish Kiss - Morgan Jacobson

  • Pigeon Within - Emily Hubley

  • Nothing at All - Candy Kugel

  • Balance - Hyung Kee Lee

  • Snake in the Snow - Peter Sluszka

  • Boop-Beep - Howard Beckerman

  • Petunia - Aaron Hughes

  • Kama Suture - Peter Sluszka

  • Chicken and Grits - Anthony Mair

  • Lifeguarding Documentary - Bob Fox

  • Guard Dog - Bill Plympton

  • Scratch Page - Ian Hutchinson

  • Dinosaur Excerpt - Rich Gorey

  • A Proverb - Adam Ansorge

  • Slow Burn - Scott Dodson

  • Beat Images - Don Duga

  • The Seige - Bobby Houlihan

  • Supple Joints - Olivia Janik

  • Maze Doodles - Irra Verbitsky

  • Cunning Stunts - Jeff Scher

  • All have Sinned in Room 323, Revisited - Sharon Mooney