Animation Block Party 2005

Animation Block Party opened submissions for a Valentine festival in November of 2004. All festival entries were asked to have a "LOVE" theme. Over 400 submissions were processed and considered for the February 14th 2005 festival at BAM Rose Cinemas and Frank's Cocktail Lounge, both in Brooklyn, NY.

Animation Block Party offered a second open call for submissions in April of 2005, seeking animated films of all genres for an end of summer festival in September.

Animation block party - valentine's day festival 2005

february 14, 2005

Nearly 650 animation fans attended Animation Block Party's Valentine edition. The Valentine evening activities began at 5pm with the first of three screenings at the BAM Rose Cinemas and ended around 3am as Frank's Cocktail Lounge closed for the evening.

The cold and rainy weather seemed to follow us from the end of summer 2004 Animation Block Party, but goodies from our sponsors eased the winter chill. Party perks included door prizes from Crumpler bags, giveaways from Animation Magazine, lots of Pabst Blue Ribbon, hundreds of Krispy Kreme of doughnuts and much more.

On the second floor of Frank's Cocktail Lounge, the Animation Block after-party featured the talents of DJ Harry Ballz and Dynamic Damien, hosting their New York famous version of Hip-Hop Karaoke. The DJ crew completed their set with a perfect rendition of Notorious B.I.G's classic cut, Juicy.

The jury included Jeff Scher, Howard Beckerman, Emily Hubley, Doug Crane and Machi Tantillo. All festival winners received prizes from our aforementioned sponsors. See below for all the winners of festival honors. Other Valentine event sponsors included Boinx Software, NY Central Art Supply, The Village Voice and RES Magazine.

Winners 2005 - Valentine's Edition:

Best In Show
Willis Sillim's Tall Tale / Steffen Vala / NYC
Original Design
Tuesday Kissing / Melissa MacAlpin / Queens, NY
Computer Animation Love Me, Love Me, Love Me / Marina Gioti and Dimitris Ladopoulos / Greece
Music Video Easy / Fin Film / Netherlands
Student Film Lovers Supplant / Norma V. Toraya / California
Minute Movie In The Loins of Spring / Avid Cyclist Crew / NYC


  • Animation Block Valentine Intro - Bobby Houlihan

  • Odd Todd Valentine Special - Todd Rosenberg

  • Self Help - Marcelo Goreman

  • Sketch - Daisy Church

  • Handshake - Pat Smith

  • Easy - Fin Film

  • Unicornimation - Chris Mullins

  • George and Ted - Ian Jones-Quartey

  • Return I Will To Old Brazil - Alex Budovsky

  • Tuesday Kissing - Melissa MacAlpin

  • Reunited - Zoya Baker

  • Lovers Supplant - Norma V. Toraya

  • Super Mouse Valentine Special - Scott Dodson

  • Love Me, Love Me, Love Me - Marina Gioti

  • Willis Sillim's Tall Tale - Steffen Vala

  • In The Loins of Spring - Avid Cyclist Crew

  • The Fan And The Flower - Bill Plympton

  • When Bump Met Grind - Big Machine Design

  • Wax Emporium - Casey Safron

  • Hearts - Stieg Retlin

  • The Firm- Jayce White

  • First Kiss - Jim Mortensen

  • Love Birds - Dan Forgione

  • Goodnight Norma, Goodnight Milton - John Schnall

  • Love - Don Duga

  • Animation Block Credits - 380 Crew


  • Anijam - Irra Verbitsky's Intro to Animation Class

  • What I Want - Candy Kugel

  • Daughter of Eve - Christen M. Smith

  • Duality - Benny Lo

  • Dark Obsessions - Sybil Cubilette

  • Oil and Vinegar - Mike Blum

  • Particle Valentine - Christine Victoria Dunn

  • Love Story - Signe Baumane

  • The Proposal - Arlington Cruz

  • Fan - Lori Samsel

  • Bikini - Lasse Persson

  • Float - Joel Trussell

  • Heart Attack - Joshua Jularbal

  • Magnetism - Nye Warburton

The after party will run from 10pm-2am at Frank's Cocktail Lounge at 660 Fulton Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217.

animation block party 2005 - end of summer show

september 15, 2005

On September 15th, 2005 - Animation Block Party ended the NYC summer with a festival that featured over 60 short films in three screenings at BAM Rose Cinemas in Brooklyn. Almost 500 animation fans and festival participants attended the exciting event that featured various genre works from all over the world. International submissions were received from Brazil, Greece, Australia, Israel, Holland, France and the United Kingdom. Films were also submitted from all ends of the United States, including Ohio, California, Boston, Texas and, of course, New York.

The festival jury was Peter Sluszka, Irra Verbitsky, Richard Gorey and Julianna Cox and they decided on numerous festival honors, including a student film prize that was augmented with an opportunity for the student winner to direct an animation spot for Block Party sponsor, Crumpler Bags. All the festival winners received prizes from our event sponsors, including gift certificates from NY Central Art Supply, I-Stop Motion software from Boinx, designer bags from Crumpler, subscriptions from RES and Animation Magazine and various other ABP goodies.

Winners 2005 - End of Summer Festival:

Best In Show
The Backbrace / Andy and Carolyn London / NYC
Original Design
Body Splash / Greg Condon / NYC
Music Video IROC-Z Song / Nylon Motion / Los Angeles
Student Film Marvelous, Keen Loony Bin / Lizzi Akana / RISD
Minute Movie The Hour / Kyle Baker / NYC
Audience Award Binge and Purge / Ben Meinhardt / VFS

5pm at the brooklyn academy of music

  • ABP Intro - Heidi Sullivan

  • Bandit Bambino - Matthew Harding

  • Gesundheit - Pablo Smith

  • Lucid Fishing - Stephen Neary

  • Juxtaposer - Joanna Davidovich

  • Whole - Matt Flynn

  • Seed - Bennett Cain

  • ESC - Zachary Brewster Geisz

  • The Love Train - Eva Bennett

  • Mural - Jose Luis Osorio Torrico

  • Children of the Night - Yokasta Boyer

  • An Archetypical Room - Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer

  • Good Job - Hyungkee Lee

  • Native with a Camera - Hank Friedmann

  • The Traveling Platypus - Robert Rutan

  • Awkward - Cesar Kuriyama

  • Tail of Delano - Matthew Lee

  • Baby Layne - Katie Marin

  • In/Out - Ian Etra

  • How to Live a Natural Life - Philis Liu

  • Esign - Chris Larkee

  • If I Were An Atomic Bomb - Yusuke Murakami

7:15pm at the brooklyn academy of music

  • Sangfroid Sun - Olivia Janik

  • The Back Brace - Andy and Carolyn London

  • To A Man with a Big Nose - Cecilia Aranovich

  • Command Z - Candy Kugel and Vincent Cafarelli

  • Hello - Jonathan Nix

  • The Hour - Kyle Baker

  • The Binding of Issac - John Schnall

  • Getting Suspending - Robert Castillo

  • Breathe - Turner Lange

  • Dear Sweet Emma - Out of our Minds Images

  • Those Scurvy Rascals - Oli Hyatt

  • Calories - Rachel Maguire

  • Marvelous Keen Loony Bin - Lizzi Akana

  • Thunderpig - Ange Palethorpe

  • Tug of War and Peace - Shawn Downey

  • Depth Traps - Stieg Retlin

  • The Zit - Mike Blum

9:30pm at the brooklyn academy of music

  • Spiral - W.P. Murton

  • Clone Trooper Orchestra - Royce Graham

  • Boobotz - Gary DiRaffaele

  • Egg - Benh Zeitlin

  • Tittybop - Adam Ansorge

  • Body Splash - Greg Condon

  • Conehead - Don Pan

  • Farm Force - Project Firefly

  • Giambos - Casey Safron

  • Life in Transition - John R. Dilworth

  • Fascade Filosphia - Zora and Holly Anger

  • Alien - Chris J. Melnychuk

  • Road Raged Rodent - Patrick Mallek

  • Pussy Whipped - Jayce White

  • Funetics - Lynn Okimura

  • The IROC-Z Song - Nylon Motion

  • Hand Truck - Leo Weiss

  • Snowy the Frostman - Sam T

  • Depository Vacation - Dave Schlafman

  • Five Infomercials for Dentists - Signe Baumane

  • Binge and Purge - Ben Meinhardt

  • Breakfast - Bob Fox

The after party ran from 11pm until close at Moe's Lounge at 80 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217.