Animation Block Party 2008

The fifth annual Animation Block Party opened on Friday July 25th at Rooftop Films, featuring live music from Plushgun, followed by a screening of ABP's most fun and fan friendly cartoons. A party at Bar Matchless followed with free beer from Radeberger.

ABP continued on Saturday July 26th at Bam Cinematek, with experimental works and music videos in Program One and a storytelling focus in Program Two. Screenings were followed by an after party at Cherry Tree with free Newcastle from America's News Source, The Onion.

ABP closed on Sunday July 27th at Bam Cinematek, with top professional and independent works in Program Three and the narrative films and international shorts in Program Four. The closing evening party was at Habana Outpost, with streaming videos, delicious food specials and free draft beer courtesy of Autodesk.



winners 2008:

Best In Show
Pearce Sisters / Luis Cook / Aardman Animation
Original Design
Muto/ Blu / Buenos Aires
Computer Animation Operation Fish / Jeff Riley / Portland, OR
Experimental Film Trepan Hole / Andy Cahill / RISD
Music Video Last Time In Clerkenwell / Alex Budovsky / NYC
Narrative Short Einsteins Riddle / Gina Kamentsky / Massachusetts
Student Film In The Beginning / Choom / VFS
Minute Movie Flower Sound Cartoon / Phil Dubrovsky and Dale Hayward / Canada
Documentary Short ECT — The Story of Two Women / Laura Piraino / Boston, MA
Audience Award I Live In The Woods / Max Winston / Los Angeles, CA


FRIDAY full program

JULY 25, 2008

Animation Block Party opens on Friday July 25th at Rooftop Films. The venue is located at the Automotive High School, 50 Bedford Avenue, between North 12th and Lorimer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In the event of rain, the show is indoors at the same venue. The opening night band for ABP is Plushgun.

Doors to Rooftop Films on July 25th will open around 8pm for live-music and the ABP screenings will start between 9-930pm. There will be a short ten minute intermission after "Team Yo Shimbo."

  • ABP Intro (before all shows): David Schlafman and Evan Sussman
  • Intelligent Life: Michael Langan (1 min)
  • Kid Show: Tom Deslongchamp (2:45 min)
  • The Adventures of Tommy T-Bone: David Icely (:45 seconds)
  • Chef Barry: Chelsea Manifold (1 min)
  • Lotions Eleven: Matt Lee (2 min)
  • Burnout: Alex Cormack (1:20 min)
  • Vincent Security: Ashley Holzwasser (1 min)
  • I Live In The Woods: Max Winston (3 min)
  • Taxi Guy: Hubert Chan (2 min)
  • Roommates: Mike Hollingsworth (2 min)
  • Zombie Movie: Garrett K. and Taylor Armstrong (1 min)
  • Bush Vs. Bin Laden: Darren Way (2 min)
  • PSA for Pedophiles: Luis Cerritos (1 min)
  • Lupo Dentro: Gabriele Diaferia (5 min)
  • The Flower Colour Sound Cartoon: Phil Dubrovsky and Dale Hayward (2 min)
  • Lunch Lady: Steve Stark (1 min)
  • Feast: Kerpely Adel, JiHyun Ahn (3 min)
  • Breakfast Outtake: Bob Fox (:30 seconds)
  • Magnetic Squirrel — Dog Dazed: Patrick Mallek (2 min)
  • Puke Bug: Jeremie Duval (1:30 min)
  • Conflict Resolution: All Things Media (1:44 min)
  • Team Yo Shimbo: Chester Knebel and Will White (1:20 min)
  • A Letter to Colleen: London Squared (8:30 min)
  • Cuddle Sticks: Mike Geiger (2:40 min)
  • Ziptoc: Vera Wing Lui (2 min)
  • Blindspot: Norah Solorzano (5 min)
  • BullHorn: Nathan Gooden (5 min)
  • Meet The American States: Tommy Cannon (2 min)
  • Sudden Change: Preston Spurlock (2 min)
  • Tales for Cruel People: Hans Blume, Igor Buharov, Ivan Buharov (6:45 min)
  • In The Beginning: Choom Lam (3:45 min)
  • Elephant Girl: David Lobser (5 min)
  • Year of the Polygon: Tim Dormady, Zane Kozak, Yurie Rocha (2 min)
  • ABP Outro (after all shows): Adam Ansorge

Opening night animation screenings will be followed by an after party at Matchless, located at 557 Manhattan Avenue at Driggs, also in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The after party will feature free beer courtesy of Radeberger and is only for those with ABP-Rooftop Tickets.


SATURDAY full program

JULY 26, 2008

Animation Block Party continues on Saturday July 26th at Bam Cinematek (BAM Rose Cinemas). This venue is located at the Peter Jay Sharp Building, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn NY. Program One at BAM has experimental works and music videos and Program Two has a storytelling focus.

2:00pm and 6:50pm

Animation Block : PROGRAM ONE

  • Perfectland — The Egg Factory: Ben Meinhardt (3 min)
  • Air: Ajit Menon (1 min)
  • Trepan Hole: Andy Cahill (6 min)
  • In Search of the Colors: Will Kim (8 min)
  • Ideation: Jeremiah Dickey (1 min)
  • Illuminant: Tobias Stretch (5 min)
  • 5 Tears: Colin V. Barton (3:30 min)
  • Invisible Croissants: Andy Windak (6 min)
  • Last Time In Clerkenwell: Alex Budovsky (4 min)
  • This is J03: Once Were Farmers (3 min)
  • Intelligent Design: Wojtek Skowron (5 min)
  • Optech 1: Emma Sterling and Dan Monceaux (3 min)
  • One Skin: Gudrun Cram-Drach (10 min)
  • Etymology: Matt Broach (4:20 min)
  • Escaping is Easy: Sarah Moore (2 min)
  • Muto: Blu (7 min)
  • Yeasayer — Wait for the Summer: Mixtape Club (3:30 min)
  • Procrastination: Johnny Kelly (4:15 min)

4:30pm and 9:15pm


  • Perfectland — Harvest Time: Ben Meinhardt (3 min)
  • Dive: Tyquane Wright (1 min)
  • Hot Dog: Bill Plympton (5:40 min)
  • Guy Talk: Rich Gorey (:12 seconds)
  • Teat Beat of Sex - Episode Nine — Graveyard: Signe Baumane (1:43 min)
  • Common Scents: Steve Whitehouse (3 min)
  • Cramer Collection: Jason Doll (2 min)
  • The Bear: Eva Michon (7 min)
  • Outisde Agitator: Morgan Miller (3:48 min)
  • Death By Dying: Anton Bogaty (2:12 min)
  • Ark: Grzegorz Jonkajtys (8 min) presented via the Polish Cultural Institute of New York
  • Bob and Julia: Jee Hyun Yoo (3 min)
  • Viola: Shih-Ting Hung (9 min)
  • Lapsus: Juan Pablo Zaramella (3:30 min)
  • Flute Babies: Gretta Johnson (4 min)
  • To Shoot A Rurf: Shane Sheils (9 min)
  • Einstein's Riddle: Gina Kamentsky (3:30 min)
  • Bushwacker: Kal Goudey (9 min)

10pm - 2:00am

ABP 2008 : Saturday Night Party

Animation screenings will be followed by an after party at the Cherry Tree at 65 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn with free Newcastle Brown Ale courtesy of America's Finest News Source, The Onion, Inc.

sunday full program

july 27, 2008

Animation Block Party closes on Sunday July 27th also at Bam Cinematek. Program Three at BAM has the top professional and independent works of the fest and the strongest narrative local and international shorts are in Program Four.

2:00pm and 6:50pm

Animation block : program three

  • Perfectland — Conveinient Disposal: Ben Meinhardt (3 min)
  • PK-Granny: Jo Meuris (2 min)
  • Tickle Me Silly: Miguel Martinez-Joffre (8 min)
  • Wolverine and Batman: Cliff Galbraith (2 min)
  • 24 Frames: Brad Pattullo (18 min)
  • Jungle Story: Richard Gorey (:10 seconds)
  • Edmund: Steven Umbleby (3 min)
  • Burley: Gareth Cowen and Dave Edwardz (9 min)
  • A Fly Film: Bryan Brinkman (1:30 min)
  • I Am Pillowcat: Elaine Lee (5:30 min)
  • Goobees: Texas A&M Viz Lab (3 min)
  • Operation Fish: Jeff Riley (10:30 min)
  • A My Life at 26 — Shortoon: Stephen Leonard (:50 seconds)
  • Greek Mythology: Tom Kyzivat (8:50 min)
  • I, Zombie: Danny Curtain (4:30 min)

4:30pm and 9:15pm

ANIMation block : program four

  • Perfectland — As Promised: Ben Meinhardt (3 min)
  • Fantaisie in Bubblewrap: Arthur Metcalf (4:20 min)
  • The Friendly Ghost: Rich Gorey (:12 seconds)
  • The Pearce Sisters: Luis Cook (9:15 min)
  • Nannyless: Anka Blaszczyk (2:30 min) presented via the Polish Cultural Institute of New York
  • The Things She Would Tell Me: Miryam Welbourne (2:15 min)
  • The Border: Maya Lior (3 min)
  • Germans in the Woods: Rauch Brothers (3 min)
  • ECT — The Story of Two Women: Laura Piraino (5 min)
  • For The Love of God: Joe Tucker (11 min)
  • Maybe*: Sam Chou (2 min)
  • The Ugly Turkey: David Essman (5 min)
  • My Little Angel: Flurry (3:15 min)
  • Tale: Tzanko (2:22 min)
  • FOT — Champion of the World: Alex Dron (2 min)
  • The World Is A Steam Engine: Koichi Nakai (1 min)
  • Mr. Lux: Michael Jantze (4 min)
  • Orderly Confusion, a documentary: Robert Bohn (4:18 min)
  • Fresh Fruit: Ed Kelley and Brenden Cicoria (3 min)
  • Mr. D: Tony Dusko (1:15 min)
  • Turducken: Steve Stark (3 min)
  • Whoopi's Eyebrows: Mike Hollingsworth (3 min)
  • Just In Case: Joshua Frankel (1 min)

ABp 2008 : sunday night party

9:30pm - 1:00am

The closing evening Animation screenings will be followed by an after party at Habana Outpost at 757 Fulton Street, Brooklyn NY. The after party will feature outdoor streaming videos from past Animation Block Party's and delicious Habana specials, plus free cold draft beer with ABP-BAM tickets courtesy of Autodesk.