Animation Block Party 2009

Animation Block Party 2009 opened on Friday July 24th at Rooftop Films, featuring live music from Teengirl Fantasy, followed by a screening of ABP's most fun and fan friendly cartoons. A party at Bar Matchless followed with free beer from Radeberger.

ABP continued Saturday July 25th at Bam Cinematek, with experimental films and music videos in Program One and a storytelling focus in Program Two. Saturday night party was at Fourth Ave Pub with free Budweiser.

ABP closed on Sunday July 26th at Bam Cinematek, with top professional and independent works in Program Three and narrative films and international shorts in Program Four. The closing evening party was at Habana Outpost, featuring streaming videos, free Six Point Ale and delicious Habana corn.


Winners 2009:

Best In Show
Ergo / Geza M. Toth / Hungary
Original Design
Parasol/ Webster Crowell / Seattle
Computer Animation Tin Can Heart / Rod March / Australia
Experimental Film Singles / Rebecca Sugar / School of Visual Arts
Music Video The Dragon’s Claw / Robert Bruce / NYC
Narrative Short I Am So Proud of You / Don Hertzfeldt / California
Student Film Topi / Arjun Rihan / USC
Minute Movie Notebook Babies / Tony Dusko / PA
Documentary Short Southern Exposure / Susan Chien / Massachusetts College of Art
Audience Award Chicken Cowboy / Stephen Neary / NYU


FRIDAY full program

JULY 24, 2009

Animation Block Party opens on Friday, July 24 at Rooftop Films, located at the Automotive High School on 50 Bedford Avenue, between North 12th and Lorimer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The evening will feature live music from Teengirl Fantasy, followed by a diverse screening of world premieres, international cartoons and fan friendly blips. Doors to Rooftop Films on July 24th will open around 8pm for live-music and the ABP screenings will start between 9-930pm. There will be a short ten-minute intermission after 'Hazed.'

  • Rethink Happiness: Directed by Choom, Canada
  • ABP 2009 Intro: Directed by Ben Meinhardt, Canada
  • Mother’s Day: Directed by David Lobser, NYC
  • Puffer Girl: Directed by Joan C. Gratz, Portland
  • Replacement Dog: Directed by Garrett Koeppicus, NYC
  • Juxtaposed Directed by Alex Wager, School of Visual Arts
  • Milbe: Directed by Karl Tebbe, Germany
  • Pigeon Interlude
  • Red Rabbit Directed by Egmont Mayer, Germany
  • Notebook Babies: Directed by Tony Dusko, PA
  • Southern Exposure: Directed by Susan Chien, Massachusetts College of Art
  • Armadillo Interlude
  • Ergo: Directed by Geza M. Toth, Hungary
  • Hazed: Directed by Matt Hammill, Guru Studio
  • Enter the Dragon: Directed by Robert DeJesus, NYC
  • Lotions 12: Directed by Matt Lee, NYC
  • Craig T. Squirrel: Directed by Mike Hollingsworth, CA
  • Cooking 420 with Chef Barry: Directed by Chelsea Manifold, NYC
  • Mutt: Directed by Glen Hunwick, Australia
  • Horn Dog: Directed by Bill Plympton, NYC
  • MFA Show: Directed by Rob Bohn, NYC
  • Jeremy! Directed by Mooshe Nickerson, Savannah College of Art and Design
  • La Nostalgia del Sr. Alambre: Directed by Jonathan Ostos Yaber, Mexico City

Opening night animation screenings will be followed by an after party at Matchless, located at 557 Manhattan Avenue at Driggs, also in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The after party will feature free beer courtesy of Radeberger and is only for those with ABP-Rooftop Tickets.

SATURDAY full program

JULY 25, 2009

Animation Block Party continues on Saturday, July 25 at BAMcinématek located at the Peter Sharp Building, 30 Lafayette Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Program One will feature experimental animation, fresh music videos and subversive design works, while Program Two will showcase exceptional student films, professional content and narrative shorts.

2:00pm and 6:50pm

Animation Block : PROGRAM ONE

  • X-Mess Detritus: Directed by Voltaire, NYC
  • The Dragon’s Claw: Directed by Robert Bruce, NYC
  • The Sylpphid: Directed by Dorte Bengtson, National Film School of Denmark
  • Alice’s Attic: Directed by Robyn Yannoukos, UCLA
  • Here Come The Guns: Directed by Greg Condon
  • Let Me Out: Directed by Martine Chapuis, Concordia University
  • Moving Reality: Directed by Daniel Alfaro, UArts
  • Take Care: Directed by Scott Marvel, Chicago
  • WSIM: Directed by Jennifer Hardy, Ontario College of Art and Design
  • Parasol: Directed by Webster Crowell, Seattle
  • Strangers Poem: Directed by Geer Dubois, University of Southern California
  • Sugarcube: Directed by Sara Gunnarsdottir, Cal Arts
  • Shaman: Luc Perez, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Die Kinder im Mond: Ursula Ulmi, HSLU, Switzerland
  • Bird in my House, Angel in my Heart: Directed by Jimmy Calhoun, NYC
  • Wall Pets: Directed by Eunice Kim, RISD
  • A Men’s Life As It Should Be: Directed by Wojtkek Skowron, Germany
  • 2008 People: Directed by AVDJ, NYC
  • The Idiot Stinks: Directed by Helder Sun, CA
  • The Ornament: Directed by Patrick Dorian, NYC
  • Hunt: Directed by Yohei Ito and Kyoko Kitamura, Tokyo-NYC

4:30pm and 9:15pm


  • Butterface: Directed by Bob Ray, Texas
  • You’re Outa Here: Directed by George Griffin, NYC
  • Singles: Directed by Rebecca Sugar, School of Visual Arts
  • Amber: David Essman, Chicago
  • A Night with Nixon: Directed by Alex Cormack, Boston
  • Gym Lesson: Directed by Hannes Rall, Germany
  • Chicken Cowboy: Directed by Stephen Neary, NYU
  • Pigeon Pilfer: Directed by Michael Stevenson: San Francisco University
  • Tin Can Heart: Directed by Rod March, Australia
  • No Naked: Directed by Caroline Foley, Cal Arts
  • Devil Horns: Directed by Monica Garrison, Massachusetts College of Art
  • Sweet Dreams: Directed by Kirsten Lepore, MICA
  • Backwards: Directed by Aaron Hughes, NYC
  • Fridge Tales: Directed by Tamar Feinkind and Ari Rubin, CA
  • Bird Strike: Johannes Schiehsl, Film Akademie Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
  • Attention to Detail: directed by Steve Madden, MA
  • This Way Up: Smith and Foulkes, United Kingdom

10pm - 2:00am

ABP 2009 : Saturday Night Party

The Saturday night after party will start around 10pm at the Fourth Avenue Pub located at 76 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. The party will feature free Budweiser with proof of ABP-BAM ticket purchase.

sunday full program

july 26, 2009

Animation Block Party closes on Sunday, July 26 at also at BAMcinématek, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn. Program Three will feature award winning independent shorts, studio animation and other standout works, while Program Four will mix global films with New York premieres and local animations.

2:00pm and 6:50pm

Animation block : program three

  • Enter The Sandbox: directed by Kevin R. Adams, Starz Animation
  • Factoid Slapstick: directed by Doug Bayne and David Ritchie, Australia
  • Flight Lessons: directed by Neil Helm, SCAD
  • FOT: The Next Big Thing: directed by Alex Dron, New Zealand
  • Eleven Roses: Pedram Goshtasbpour, Canada
  • My Girlfriend Sleeps Like Superman: Steve Gentile, Boston
  • Inner Tubes: Tim Beckhardt, RISD
  • Douchey The Douchebag PSA: Steve Stark, Canada
  • I’m So Proud of You: Don Hertzfeldt, CA
  • Down to the Bone: Peter Ahern, Pratt
  • Ruby Rocket: The Big Wind Up: Stacey Hallal and Sam Niemann, Portland
  • Cat’s Meow: directed by Jorge Garcia, Ringling College of Art and Design
  • Life on a Limb: David Chai, CA
  • Duck Heart Teslacoil: directed by Tyler J. Kupferer, SCAD
  • Reach: directed by Luke Randall, Australia

4:30pm and 9:15pm

ANIMation block : program four

  • The Peasant and the Root: directed by Brock Gallagher, Sheridan
  • Randomosity: Jelisa Samuel, Mass Art
  • Hold The Mustard: directed by Tammy Dubinsky, Vancouver Film School
  • Oral Report: Daniella Urdinlaiz, Pratt
  • Cod Swallop: The Brothers McLeod, United Kingdom
  • The Lost Tribes of New York City: London Squared, NYC
  • The Terrible Thing of Alpha 9: Jake Armstrong, School of Visual Arts
  • Lui Lui in Amelica: Vera Lui, Uarts
  • Topi: directed by Arjun Rihan, USC
  • The Heart of Amos Klein: Uri Kranot and Michal Pfeffer, Israel
  • Boris: directed by Dan Lundquist, Minnesota
  • Crew 54: Nedelcho Bogdanov, Bulgaria
  • Portrait: Irra Verbitsky, NYC
  • Catharsis: Anders Michael Nielsen, National Film School of Denmark

ABp 2009 : sunday night party

9:30pm - 1:00am

The closing evening after party is at Habana Outpost at 757 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, featuring streaming videos, free Six Point Ale and delicious Habana corn and is only for those with ABP-BAM Tickets.