Animation Block Party 2010

ABP 2010 opened Friday, July 30 at Rooftop Films, located at Automotive High, 50 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn. The evening featured music from Big Sleep, followed by an outdoor screening of world premieres. Opening party was at Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave with beer courtesy of Radeberger and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

Animation Block Party 2010 continued Saturday, July 31 at BAMcinématek located at the Peter Sharp Building, 30 Lafayette Ave in Brooklyn. Program One featured experimental animation and design works. Program Two showcased student films and narrative shorts. The Saturday night party was at the Fourth Avenue Pub located at 76 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, featuring free Bluepoint Ale.

Animation Block Party 2010 closed on Sunday, August 1 at BAMcinématek. Program Three featured award winning independent shorts and studio animation. Program Four mixed global films with New York premieres and local animations. The closing evening after party was at Habana Outpost at 757 Fulton Street.


Winners 2010:

Best In Show
Old Fangs / Adrien Merigeau / Ireland
Original Design
Paper Daydream/ Jun Iwakawa / United Kingdom
Computer Animation Urs / Moritz Mayerhofer / Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Experimental Film Pink Spray Paint / Carly White / ENSAD, France
Music Video Spacious Thoughts / Fluorescent Hill / Montreal, Canada
Narrative Short Bygone Behemoth / Harry Chaskin / California
Student Film Always Only Ever / Barbara Benas / CCAD
Minute Movie How to Lose Weight in 60 Seconds / Dave Carter / Australia
Documentary Short Perista / Kim Weiner / RISD
Audience Award Death Buy Lemonade / Kyu-bum Lee / Sheridan


FRIDAY full program

JULY 30, 2010

Animation Block Party opens on Friday, July 30 at Rooftop Films, located at Automotive High School, 50 Bedford Ave, between North 12th and Lorimer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The evening will feature live music from The Big Sleep, followed by an outdoor simulcast screening on both lawns at Automotive High, full of diverse world premieres, international cartoons and fan friendly blips. Doors to Rooftop Films on July 30th will open at 8pm. Music starts at 8:30pm and the ABP opening night screening begins at 9pm. There will be a short ten-minute intermission after "Offline."

  • ABP 2010 Intro - Mike Hollingsworth, California
  • Switch Today PSA - Arjun Rihan, California
  • Pinball 12 Reanimated - Abbey Luck, NYC
  • Re-Cre-a-tion - Trisha Gum and Dan Field, California
  • Heartstrings - Rhiannon Evans, University of Wales Newport
  • Haunted Heart - Winona Regan, Cal Arts
  • Rusty's Long Journey Home – T. Sean Shannon and Mike Hollingsworth, California
  • Zombie Too - Jacob Ospa, NYC
  • The Falcon - Scot Hampton, San Francisco
  • Patience of the Memory - Vuk Jevremovic, Germany
  • Lifeline - Andres Salaff, Cal Arts
  • Hubo - Erick Oh, UCLA
  • Offline - Tom Gasek, Massachusetts
  • Boom-HA - Matt Luckhurst, Canada-NYC
  • Urs - Moritz Mayerhofer, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
  • Bygone Behemoth - Harry Chaskin, California
  • Perista - Kim Weiner, RISD
  • The Thomas Beale Cipher - Andrew S. Allen, Seattle
  • The Astronomer's Sun - Simon Cartwright and Jessica Cope, United Kingdom
  • ABP 2010 Outro - Anneli Strassler, Brooklyn

Opening night animation screenings will be followed by an after party at Matchless, located at 557 Manhattan Avenue at Driggs, also in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The after party will feature free beer courtesy of Radeberger and Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

SATURDAY full program

JULY 31, 2010

Animation Block Party continues on Saturday, July 31st at BAMcinématek located at the Peter Sharp Building, 30 Lafayette Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Program One will feature experimental animation, fresh music videos and subversive design works, while Program Two will showcase exceptional student films, professional content and narrative shorts.

2:00pm and 6:50pm

Animation Block : PROGRAM ONE

  • Huck on the Gowanus - Christina Kelly, NYC
  • Bric-A-Brac - Aaron Wendel, SAIC
  • The Lift - Rob Kohr, NYC
  • Lintscape - Caitlin Craggs – USC
  • Flyer - David Sananman, New Jersey
  • Conquest - Wojtek Skowron, Germany
  • Paper Daydream - Jun Iwakawa, United Kingdom
  • Spacious Thoughts - Fluorescent Hill, Montreal, Canada
  • DemiUrge Emesis - Voltaire, NYC
  • Noesis - Sophie Klevenow - Bristol School of Animation, UK
  • Seahorse - Molly Allis, NYC/Boston/CA
  • Golem - Joy and Noelle Vaccese, NYC
  • House Bunny - Gina Kamentsky, Massachusetts
  • Pink Spray Paint - Carly White, ENSAD, France
  • Today's Weather - Jessica AM Chen - Cal Arts
  • ReSemble - Aaron Thomas, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Muralmorphosis - Sean Stoops, Brian Campbell & Philadelphia Mural Arts, Philadelphia
  • I'll Kill Her - Jorg Barton, Germany
  • About – Dale and Sylvie, La Moustache, Montreal, Canada
  • Abstraxion - Vampyros Lesbos - Choom Lam, Canada-France-UK
  • Migrant Rights PSA - Eric Epstein, Brooklyn
  • You Cried Me - Tom DesLongchamp, Seattle
  • Notebook - Evelien Lohbeck, Netherlands

4:30pm and 9:15pm


  • The Orange - Nick Fox-Gieg, Canada
  • N.A.S.A "A Volta" – Logan, Santa Monica
  • Don't Text and Drive - Adrian J. Garcia – MassArt
  • Everything Must Go - Rusty Eveland – UArts
  • To Have and Hold - Jessica Polaniecki, SVA
  • Kidnap - Sijia Luo – UCLA
  • Ledo and Ix Goes to Town - Emily Carmichael, NYC
  • Milk Nasty - TJ Fuller - Cal Arts
  • Hanged - Patrick Dorian, NYC
  • Superbattle - Ethan Marak, California
  • The Arctic Circle - Kevin Parry – Sheridan
  • My Wild Days - Greg Condon, NYC
  • Ninjas vs. Guilt - David Chai, California
  • Sneeze Me Away - Ryan Grobins, Korea
  • Always Only Ever - Barbara Benas – CCAD
  • In The Beginning - Katie Wendt – RISD
  • Phillip, the Safety Egg - Mike Owens, Minneapolis
  • Pinhead - Matt Lee, NYC

10pm - 2:00am

ABP 2010 : Saturday Night Party

The Saturday night after party will start around 10pm at the Fourth Ave Pub located at 76 4th Avenue in Brooklyn. The party will feature free Budweiser with proof of ABP-BAM ticket purchase.

sunday full program

August 1, 2010

Animation Block Party closes on Sunday, August 1st at BAMcinématek, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn. Program Three will feature award winning independent shorts, studio animation and other standout works, while Program Four will mix global films with New York premieres and local animations.

2:00pm and 6:50pm

Animation block : program three

  • There's Bliss in the Kiss - Melanie Beisswenger, Germany, Singapore
  • A Tall Tale - Brittany Biggs, USC
  • Let's Make Out - Stephen Neary, NYC
  • Breath - Kartika Mediani – CCAD
  • The Plant - Jennifer Oxley, NYC
  • Saira - Aditi Bhandari, California
  • Seasons of Love - Grettel Batoon – NYU
  • How to Make a Baby - Cassidy Curtis and Raquel Coelho, San Francisco
  • Seed - Ben Richardson and Daniel Bird, NYC and Prague
  • Amazing Animal Facts - Tony Dusko, Pennsylvania
  • Death Buy Lemonade - Kyu-bum Lee – Sheridan
  • Taste - Yvonne Grzenkowicz, NYC
  • Something Left, Something Taken - Tiny Inventions, NYC
  • A Moment in History - Steve Stark, Canada
  • Flip - Peter W. Allen – Australia
  • Conduit - Heather Kahn – RISD
  • Let's Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates - Max Joseph & Chris Weller
  • Old Fangs - Adrien Merigeau, Ireland
  • The Tea Bag - Bil Thompson, Brooklyn
  • Lunch - Irina Golina Sagatelian, Israel

4:30pm and 9:15pm

ANIMation block : program four

  • Prayers for Peace - Dustin Grella, SVA
  • The Moonbird - Brothers McLeod, United Kingdom
  • The Passenger - Julie Zammarchi, Massachusetts
  • Zulal - Amanda Di Pancrazio, Concordia
  • Bookgirl - Jane Wu, Pratt
  • The Story of the Mean Dragon - Francis Gelinas, Canada
  • The Not So Great Eugene Green - Michael Hill, Australia
  • WASP - Mari Jaye Blanchard, NYC
  • Snowflakes and Carrots - Samantha Leriche-Gionet, Concordia
  • Innovation Driven - Harold Moss and Dan Forgione, Flickerlab, NYC
  • Madagascar, Carnet De Voyage - Bastien Dubois, France
  • Snack Track – Lori Samsel, NYC
  • Fuzzy Insides - Michaela Olsen, RISD
  • How to Lose Weight in 60 Seconds - Dave Carter, Australia

ABp 2010 : sunday night party

9:30pm - 1:00am

The closing evening after party is at Habana Outpost at 757 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, featuring streaming videos, free Six Point Ale and delicious Habana corn and is only for those with ABP-BAM Tickets. The award jury for the 2010 ABP festival is Amid Amidi of Cartoon Brew, Rachel Simon of World Leaders Entertainment, Dave Schlafman of CloudKid and Ramin Zahed of Animation Magazine.