Animation Block Party 2018 at BAMcinématek!

FRIDAY JULY 27, 2018

2pm - Mad Monster Party (1967)

When Dr. Frankenstein retires from the monster business, he calls a roster of creatures to a convention to elect his successor.

430pm - Student Films and Independent Animators.

Animation Block Signal Film: Puppers Remix (Casey Safron / NYC / 30 sec)
Boom-box Brooklyn jams.

Quantum (Hannah Kim / RISD / 6:04 min)
Digital realm promises an ephemeral permanence; Ayleth finds herself in a state of limbo.

Negative Space (Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata / France / 5:30 min)
My dad taught me how to pack.

Busy (Dawoon Kim / SCAD / 2:02 min)
A girl tries to do her homework but her sister keeps interrupting her.

Gamble (Chayadol Lomtong / Sheridan / 7:07 min)
Father tries to fight his gambling addiction.

Tennessee (Jack Wedge / NYU / 8:34 min)
Story about love and the future of the world.

Feets (Elizabeth Dettmann / RIT / 3:03 min)
A scout discovers a new friend in the forest.

Racing The Sunset (Nikolas Smith / SCAD / 4:02 min)
Desperate rush through the city to make it to a date on time.

He’s Watching (Arthur Metcalf / Los Angeles / 11:40 min)
Meet April Skut.

LogBoy (Fernando Puig / Ringling / 2:05 min)
A woodsman is pestered mercilessly by a boy made out of logs.

What Is A Man (Rob Munday / United Kingdom / 1:00 min)
An examination of masculinity with felt-tips.

Bike Trip (Tom Schroeder / Minnesota / 10:34 min)
Final film of Bike Trip documentary series, 500 miles to ask a question about beer.

PottyMouth (Sean Cote / MassArt / 2:30 min)
Experimental stream of consciousness animation centered around a bathroom trip.

Pour 585 (Pat Smith / Montauk / 4:47 min)
A timid character with a wine glass for a head grows larger than his numbered peers.

Adventure (Ching Thao / MCAD / 2:21 min)
Girl searching for a dragon seeking revenge.

Hard World: Yacht (Mike Hollingsworth / Los Angeles / 4:20 min)
Music video from the EP Strawberry Moon.

7pm - International Shorts - Program One.

Marfa (Greg McLeod / UK / 8:22 min)
A town on the borderlands of Texas. A place out of time.

Zara and the others: Gorilla brains for dinner (Nils Johan Lund / Norway / 7:21 min)
Sweet zombie girl is scared her father will embarrass her when she brings a friend home.

Cocoon, Cocoon (Ilai Margulies / Israel / 6:47 min)
A fat, smug caterpillar doesn't want to become a butterfly.

Weekends (Trevor Jimenez / Canada / 15:17 min)
The story of a young boy shuffling between the homes of his recently divorced parents.

Pura Vida (Nata Metlukh  / Estonia / 9:35 min)
East or West, home is best.

Exotic Man (Barnaby Catterall / UK / 8:21 min)
An alien takes a journey to find himself in a small British seaside town.

Hypertrain (Fela Bellotto & Etienne Kompis / Switzerland / 3:35 min)
On a train trip through spatial temporal dimensions the traveller comes across himself.

An Island (Rory Byrne / Ireland / 12:51 min)
A solitary man sets out to conquer an isolated island.

9pm - MFKZ (NYC Premiere)

Angelino, a young misfit living in the heart of California’s Dark Meat City becomes the target of mysterious Men in Black.


2pm - Animation for Kids (also plays Sunday)*

Beyond The Ball (Dana Sink / Harrisburg, PA / 3:52 min)
A visual acknowledgement of situations that are not what they appear.

Moth’s Cafe - Jackie Synder / SVA / 4:08 min)
Caterpillar performs music for the first time.

Chun Jae Babo (Joey Ahlbum / NYC / 58 sec)
Things go wrong in the break room of the super secret agency BUNGLE.

Snowdrifters (Kathleen Gleeson / NYU / 5:24 min)
In the snowy realm of dinosaurs, a girl searches for healing herbs with her raptor.

Space Between Stars (Samuel W. Bradley / Canada / 10:09 min)
A group of ethereal creatures explore a derelict space station.

UnStrung (Andrew Bishop / Drexel University / 5:56 min)
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Earth To Luna (Celia Catunda & Kiko Mistrorigo / Brazil / 11:40 min)
After riding horses at the ranch, Luna heads to the stable to wash up.

Djembe (Brian Levine / SCAD / 1:45 min)
With his village caught in a drought, a boy summons spirits to bring rain to his homeland.

Introducing The Unicorn Rescue Society (Chris Lenox Smith / NYC / 2:43 min)
A secret organization with the mission is to keep the creatures of myth and legend safe.

Starlight (Tyler Thompson / USC / 5:24 min)
An old man who lights the stars of the sky has lost his motivation.

Hotspot (Ciara Bresnahan / SCAD / 3:20 min)
Self proclaimed detective investigates a shady cat in order to crack a code.

Crow (Sonja Von Marensdorff / SVA / 4:24 min)
A greedy corvid collects riches from desert wildlife for mysterious purposes.

Tulipop (Nina Gantz / United Kingdom-Iceland / 4:42 min)
Bubble and Gloomy's walk in the woods is full of surprises.

Reflection in Me (Marc Colagiovanni / Fablevision / 3:42 min)
Heartwarming film sharing themes of love, acceptance, and having a positive self-image.

430pm - Pokémon Heroes (2003)

Ash, Pikachu & the gang try to stop a pair of thieves hiding out in the water capital.

7pm - Female Animators.

Peaches (Leah Shore / Brooklyn / 3:49 min)
Very animated people with Peaches.

Here We Go (Elise Roedenbeck / NYC / 3:06 min)
Official animated music video for “Here We Go” by Brooklyn punk rockers, The Tracys.

Tall Tales (Una Lorenzen / Canada / 2:47 min)
Hand drawn peek into seemingly normal narrative that de-constructs into abstraction.

Airport (Michaela Mueller / Croatia-Switzerland / 10:35 min)
Pinnacle of modern society, where limits of borders, security and tolerance are tested.

Tidal Wave (Christi Bertelsen / NYC / 2:45 min)
Animated short memoir about letting go.

Below (Olga Makarchuk / RCA / 8 min)
Below the sea level the past seems to be a happier place.

When Having a Child Doesn't Make You Happy (Jordan Bruner / NYC / 4:04 min)
Yael discusses her painful journey dealing with postpartum depression.

Creatrincos Velve (Winona Regan / California / 4:37 min)
Learning to resist fear and embrace pleasure.

The Black Sheep (Sara Babbitt / Oakland / 2:48 min)
A daughter and mother struggle to accept each others differences.

Downhill (Erica Moriconi / MassArt / 6:22 min)
Neighbors resort to self destruction over their decaying apartment.

Go! Go! Go! (Molly Allis / Los Angeles / 4:33 min)
There is a cartoon dystopia on the brink of total self-destruction.

Why Don't I Like The Way I Look (Rachel Gitlevich / NYC / 4:32 min)
An animated exploration of why we hate our bodies and how to learn to love them.

Angst Shorts (Sarah Schmidt / Ohio / 4:20 min)
A cat heads to a friend's apartment to pregame for the big firework show.

Opening Night (Margaret Bialis / DePaul / 4:55 min)
Reflection on life conflicts with optimism, humor, gratitude and a musical twist.

Wild Woman (Vanessa Sweet / Alaska / 3:46 min)
An animated poem to mankind which invokes current world issues in a plea for empathy.

Brainworm Billy (Emily Hubley / NYC / 2:36 min)
A young man is haunted by Billy Crystal.

9pm - Akira 30 Year Anniversary (1988)

The story of two friends, a bike gang leader and his telekinetic childhood friend, as they battle a secret government project in Neo-Tokyo.

SUNDAY JULY 29, 2018

2pm - Animation for Kids

*repeat play of Saturday's program*

430pm - Narrative Works, Studio Shorts and Local Films.

Frog Dog Log (Jared Weiss / Los Angeles / 2:34 min)
A film about a film about a frog, a dog, and a log.

Infinite Legends of Johnny Gunn & Kyle the Boy Archer (Tyler Landis / NYC / 4:02 min)
Our heroes come across a fantasy village that participates in a barbaric annual ritual.

Motion Pictures (Matthew Incontri / Boston / 9:41 min)
Love of action movies becomes the only outlet after facing difficult battle in reality.

Mixed Signals (Julia Chamberlain / SCAD / 3min)
Two buddy traffic lights cause mayhem in an unsuspecting intersection below.

Armor del Amor (Kirk Kelley / HouseSpecial / 1:46 min)
A nature documentary that follows the dark underbelly of modern mammalian dating.

Velvet Underground Played at My High School (Robert Pietri & Tony Jannelli / NYC / 7min)
Shocked kids at a NJ High School watch the Velvet Underground’s first performance.

God of Loss (Andrew Benincasa / Brooklyn / 3:55 min)
Stop-motion paper-cut narrative music video about the nature of loss.

Tend (Tom Judd & Ed Barrett / UK-Animade / 8:16 min)
A Father spirals into an obsession with the flames.

Dull Hope (Brian Ratigan / NYC / 2:45 min)
An animated tale of longing.

Rooms (Andrew Zimbelman / Brooklyn / 2:22 min)
Short film about life, death, and mice. Based on the poem by Billy Collins.

Agent Bird (Ethan Yazel / Muncie, Illinois / 2:25 min)
Another day's work for this avian secret agent.

Train Man (Alex Barsky / Brooklyn / 1:49 min)
A social outcast makes a home for himself on a subway car.

A Deer, Grazing (Peter Schmidt / Brooklyn / 1:47 min)
We meet a deer eating a hamburger in a diner, slowly collapsing into existential panic.

The brave Heart (Sinem Vardarli & Luca Schemata / UK / 9:51 min)
Surrealistic journey inside the body to try to sort out the problems of a hungover morning.

Weird Movies (Felipe DiPoi / Brooklyn / 1:06 min)
A lot of people don't get me...

Shift (Alison Paul / New England / 6:17 min)
The story of a man in a lighthouse in the middle of the Arctic Circle.

Skybaby (Julian Glander / NYC / 2:38 min)
A woozy exploration of memory, nostalgia and childhood.

7pm - International Shorts - Program Two.

The Tail of the Upside Down Mermaid (Sam Baum / UK / 7:20 min)
Ferdig's dream of catching a mermaid finally comes true.

Ego (Mario Addis / Italy / 5:05 min)
What if we were nothing but a breath in a balloon?  

Adina E - Changing (Yoni Goodman / Israel / 3:56 min)
A young girl runs away from home, feeling the need to escape the pain in her world.

Late Afternoon (Louise Bagnall / Ireland / 9:24 min)
Emily drifts through her memories, reliving moments in her life.

L'Homme et le Poisson (Lewis Leon / Canada / 4:08 min)
Set against the backdrop of a frozen tundra; a fisherman meets a familiar fish.

Maelstrom (Shanta Jethoe / Netherlands / 7:40 min)
Distracted by strange events, the nature of a woman’s relationship unfolds.

The Blissful Accidental Death (Sergiu Negulici / Romania / 15:11 min)
A young man finds an intriguing drawing with a secret love letter in an antique shop.

Beneath The Surface (Jessica Ashman & Yero Timi-Biu / UK / 4:05 min)
Two best friends growing up in the same world but experiencing it completely differently.

The Christmas Rabbit (Christophe Lopez Huici / UK / 10:45 min)
The tumultuous day of an old lady whose cat died on Christmas morning.

Proxy (Haidi Marburger / Switzerland / 5:35 min)
A grieving mother uses left behind data to create a replica of her dead son.

9pm - Experimental Films, Graphic Design and Music Videos.

Blue Cherry (Nathan Jurevicius / Australia-Canada / 5:04 min)
Two skaters looking for their next big adventure help an old person with their groceries.

Supervielle (Leonardo Garcia Franchi / Argentina / 2:31 min)
Abstract exploration done with paper shapes, balance between positive/negative spaces.

Growth (Tonya Amyrin Rice / Philadelphia, PA / 2:38 min)
Experimental animation combining stop motion and rotoscope.

Nebula (Marcin Nowrotek / Poland / 3:35 min)
Finding the link between two trends that develop simultaneously in the history of film.

Beastly Things (Zev Chevat / CalArts / 5:02 min)
A young artist encounters a vicious group of schoolchildren.

Word! (Amos Mulder / Netherlands / 7:09 min)
Visual exploration of language in a parallel, post-factual universe.

Garden (Derek Gieraltowski / RIT / 3:03 min)
Creation is pain.

The Backward Astronomer (Jake Nelson / NYC / 10:03 min)
Doorway leading directly to the surface of the moon.

Rex Orange County "Loving is Easy" (Chris Ullens / UK / 3:11 min)
Miniature Rex & Benny’s dreamy living room comes to life.

Marco’s Oriental Noodles (Howie Shia / Canada / 3:32 min)
Psychedelic hipsters invade a once humble ramen shop, angering its oldest patron.

Night Cadet - Never Fall (Jonathan Stroh / Seattle / 3:16 min)
Two musicians and a bear go on a road trip through the desert and beyond.

At the mountains of madness (Maksym Gudin / Netherlands / 1:28 min)
A build up to nothing, where the title never forms, the story never unfolds.

Shape of a Moving Idea (Virginia Gabrielli / Italy / 3:37 min)
Art is the core topic of the animation.

Glass Box (Izzy Liberti / MassArt / 3:31 min)
An architect lives by the ocean and thinks about space.

Sparky (xinbaonuzi / China / 4:20 min)
Sparky likes to gaze out of the window, to see every possible or impossible thing.

Hot Soup (Shane Beam / Chicago / 5:31 min)
A song made out of phrases that sound good with a video of some animals lookin' good.

Dancing Alone (Chloe Mitchell / San Francisco State / 4:05 min)
Experimental music vid of a transition from hopeless melancholy to hopeful melancholy.

Infinite Universe (Noella Borie / NYC / 1:42 min)
We live, we love, we die. We are part of the Universe, the universe is inside all of us.