ABP 2018 - Jury Award Winners!

Animation Block Party 2018 Jury Award Winners:

Best In Show: Space Between Stars - Samuel W. Bradley / Canada

Original Design: Pure Vida - Nata Metlukh / Estonia

Experimental Film: Sparky - xinbaonuzi / China

Narrative Short: An Island - Rory Byrne / Ireland

Student Film: Opening Night - Margaret Bialis / DePaul

Minute Movie: Weird Movies - Felipe DiPoi / Brooklyn

Animation For Kids: Moth’s Cafe - Jackie Synder / SVA

Audience Award: Starlight - Tyler Thompson / USC


Animation Block Party - Ltd. Edition Shirts via Brooklyn Cloth*

To commemorate the 15th annual Animation Block Party film festival, Brooklyn Cloth has collaborated with ABP to create and design an exclusive T-shirt.

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ABP 2018 - Feature Film Exclusives!


Feature film presentations at Animation Block Party 2018 include:

Mad Monster Party (Directed by Jules Bass | 1967)


MFKZ (Directed by Shōjirō Nishimi & Guillaume Renard | 2017)


Pokemon V: Heroes (Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama | 2002)


PINGU at Animation Block Party!

An episode from the new series of Pingu (=Pingu in the City) will be appearing at the Animation Block Party 2018 Opening Night Celebration on Thursday, July 26!

The globally adored, Swiss-born character 'Pingu' is a charming and cheeky young penguin who is always up to mischief, getting himself into comical situations in the snowy world in which he lives. Created in 1986 by Swiss filmmaker, Otmar Gutmann.


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Animation Block Party 2018 at BAMcinématek!

FRIDAY JULY 27, 2018

2pm - Mad Monster Party (1967)

When Dr. Frankenstein retires from the monster business, he calls a roster of creatures to a convention to elect his successor.

430pm - Student Films and Independent Animators.

Animation Block Signal Film: Puppers Remix (Casey Safron / NYC / 30 sec)
Boom-box Brooklyn jams.

Quantum (Hannah Kim / RISD / 6:04 min)
Digital realm promises an ephemeral permanence; Ayleth finds herself in a state of limbo.

Negative Space (Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata / France / 5:30 min)
My dad taught me how to pack.

Busy (Dawoon Kim / SCAD / 2:02 min)
A girl tries to do her homework but her sister keeps interrupting her.

Gamble (Chayadol Lomtong / Sheridan / 7:07 min)
Father tries to fight his gambling addiction.

Tennessee (Jack Wedge / NYU / 8:34 min)
Story about love and the future of the world.

Feets (Elizabeth Dettmann / RIT / 3:03 min)
A scout discovers a new friend in the forest.

Racing The Sunset (Nikolas Smith / SCAD / 4:02 min)
Desperate rush through the city to make it to a date on time.

He’s Watching (Arthur Metcalf / Los Angeles / 11:40 min)
Meet April Skut.

LogBoy (Fernando Puig / Ringling / 2:05 min)
A woodsman is pestered mercilessly by a boy made out of logs.

What Is A Man (Rob Munday / United Kingdom / 1:00 min)
An examination of masculinity with felt-tips.

Bike Trip (Tom Schroeder / Minnesota / 10:34 min)
Final film of Bike Trip documentary series, 500 miles to ask a question about beer.

PottyMouth (Sean Cote / MassArt / 2:30 min)
Experimental stream of consciousness animation centered around a bathroom trip.

Pour 585 (Pat Smith / Montauk / 4:47 min)
A timid character with a wine glass for a head grows larger than his numbered peers.

Adventure (Ching Thao / MCAD / 2:21 min)
Girl searching for a dragon seeking revenge.

Hard World: Yacht (Mike Hollingsworth / Los Angeles / 4:20 min)
Music video from the EP Strawberry Moon.

7pm - International Shorts - Program One.

Marfa (Greg McLeod / UK / 8:22 min)
A town on the borderlands of Texas. A place out of time.

Zara and the others: Gorilla brains for dinner (Nils Johan Lund / Norway / 7:21 min)
Sweet zombie girl is scared her father will embarrass her when she brings a friend home.

Cocoon, Cocoon (Ilai Margulies / Israel / 6:47 min)
A fat, smug caterpillar doesn't want to become a butterfly.

Weekends (Trevor Jimenez / Canada / 15:17 min)
The story of a young boy shuffling between the homes of his recently divorced parents.

Pura Vida (Nata Metlukh  / Estonia / 9:35 min)
East or West, home is best.

Exotic Man (Barnaby Catterall / UK / 8:21 min)
An alien takes a journey to find himself in a small British seaside town.

Hypertrain (Fela Bellotto & Etienne Kompis / Switzerland / 3:35 min)
On a train trip through spatial temporal dimensions the traveller comes across himself.

An Island (Rory Byrne / Ireland / 12:51 min)
A solitary man sets out to conquer an isolated island.

9pm - MFKZ (NYC Premiere)

Angelino, a young misfit living in the heart of California’s Dark Meat City becomes the target of mysterious Men in Black.


2pm - Animation for Kids (also plays Sunday)*

Beyond The Ball (Dana Sink / Harrisburg, PA / 3:52 min)
A visual acknowledgement of situations that are not what they appear.

Moth’s Cafe - Jackie Synder / SVA / 4:08 min)
Caterpillar performs music for the first time.

Chun Jae Babo (Joey Ahlbum / NYC / 58 sec)
Things go wrong in the break room of the super secret agency BUNGLE.

Snowdrifters (Kathleen Gleeson / NYU / 5:24 min)
In the snowy realm of dinosaurs, a girl searches for healing herbs with her raptor.

Space Between Stars (Samuel W. Bradley / Canada / 10:09 min)
A group of ethereal creatures explore a derelict space station.

UnStrung (Andrew Bishop / Drexel University / 5:56 min)
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Earth To Luna (Celia Catunda & Kiko Mistrorigo / Brazil / 11:40 min)
After riding horses at the ranch, Luna heads to the stable to wash up.

Djembe (Brian Levine / SCAD / 1:45 min)
With his village caught in a drought, a boy summons spirits to bring rain to his homeland.

Introducing The Unicorn Rescue Society (Chris Lenox Smith / NYC / 2:43 min)
A secret organization with the mission is to keep the creatures of myth and legend safe.

Starlight (Tyler Thompson / USC / 5:24 min)
An old man who lights the stars of the sky has lost his motivation.

Hotspot (Ciara Bresnahan / SCAD / 3:20 min)
Self proclaimed detective investigates a shady cat in order to crack a code.

Crow (Sonja Von Marensdorff / SVA / 4:24 min)
A greedy corvid collects riches from desert wildlife for mysterious purposes.

Tulipop (Nina Gantz / United Kingdom-Iceland / 4:42 min)
Bubble and Gloomy's walk in the woods is full of surprises.

Reflection in Me (Marc Colagiovanni / Fablevision / 3:42 min)
Heartwarming film sharing themes of love, acceptance, and having a positive self-image.

430pm - Pokémon Heroes (2003)

Ash, Pikachu & the gang try to stop a pair of thieves hiding out in the water capital.

7pm - Female Animators.

Peaches (Leah Shore / Brooklyn / 3:49 min)
Very animated people with Peaches.

Here We Go (Elise Roedenbeck / NYC / 3:06 min)
Official animated music video for “Here We Go” by Brooklyn punk rockers, The Tracys.

Tall Tales (Una Lorenzen / Canada / 2:47 min)
Hand drawn peek into seemingly normal narrative that de-constructs into abstraction.

Airport (Michaela Mueller / Croatia-Switzerland / 10:35 min)
Pinnacle of modern society, where limits of borders, security and tolerance are tested.

Tidal Wave (Christi Bertelsen / NYC / 2:45 min)
Animated short memoir about letting go.

Below (Olga Makarchuk / RCA / 8 min)
Below the sea level the past seems to be a happier place.

When Having a Child Doesn't Make You Happy (Jordan Bruner / NYC / 4:04 min)
Yael discusses her painful journey dealing with postpartum depression.

Creatrincos Velve (Winona Regan / California / 4:37 min)
Learning to resist fear and embrace pleasure.

The Black Sheep (Sara Babbitt / Oakland / 2:48 min)
A daughter and mother struggle to accept each others differences.

Downhill (Erica Moriconi / MassArt / 6:22 min)
Neighbors resort to self destruction over their decaying apartment.

Go! Go! Go! (Molly Allis / Los Angeles / 4:33 min)
There is a cartoon dystopia on the brink of total self-destruction.

Why Don't I Like The Way I Look (Rachel Gitlevich / NYC / 4:32 min)
An animated exploration of why we hate our bodies and how to learn to love them.

Angst Shorts (Sarah Schmidt / Ohio / 4:20 min)
A cat heads to a friend's apartment to pregame for the big firework show.

Opening Night (Margaret Bialis / DePaul / 4:55 min)
Reflection on life conflicts with optimism, humor, gratitude and a musical twist.

Wild Woman (Vanessa Sweet / Alaska / 3:46 min)
An animated poem to mankind which invokes current world issues in a plea for empathy.

Brainworm Billy (Emily Hubley / NYC / 2:36 min)
A young man is haunted by Billy Crystal.

9pm - Akira 30 Year Anniversary (1988)

The story of two friends, a bike gang leader and his telekinetic childhood friend, as they battle a secret government project in Neo-Tokyo.

SUNDAY JULY 29, 2018

2pm - Animation for Kids

*repeat play of Saturday's program*

430pm - Narrative Works, Studio Shorts and Local Films.

Frog Dog Log (Jared Weiss / Los Angeles / 2:34 min)
A film about a film about a frog, a dog, and a log.

Infinite Legends of Johnny Gunn & Kyle the Boy Archer (Tyler Landis / NYC / 4:02 min)
Our heroes come across a fantasy village that participates in a barbaric annual ritual.

Motion Pictures (Matthew Incontri / Boston / 9:41 min)
Love of action movies becomes the only outlet after facing difficult battle in reality.

Mixed Signals (Julia Chamberlain / SCAD / 3min)
Two buddy traffic lights cause mayhem in an unsuspecting intersection below.

Armor del Amor (Kirk Kelley / HouseSpecial / 1:46 min)
A nature documentary that follows the dark underbelly of modern mammalian dating.

Velvet Underground Played at My High School (Robert Pietri & Tony Jannelli / NYC / 7min)
Shocked kids at a NJ High School watch the Velvet Underground’s first performance.

God of Loss (Andrew Benincasa / Brooklyn / 3:55 min)
Stop-motion paper-cut narrative music video about the nature of loss.

Tend (Tom Judd & Ed Barrett / UK-Animade / 8:16 min)
A Father spirals into an obsession with the flames.

Dull Hope (Brian Ratigan / NYC / 2:45 min)
An animated tale of longing.

Rooms (Andrew Zimbelman / Brooklyn / 2:22 min)
Short film about life, death, and mice. Based on the poem by Billy Collins.

Agent Bird (Ethan Yazel / Muncie, Illinois / 2:25 min)
Another day's work for this avian secret agent.

Train Man (Alex Barsky / Brooklyn / 1:49 min)
A social outcast makes a home for himself on a subway car.

A Deer, Grazing (Peter Schmidt / Brooklyn / 1:47 min)
We meet a deer eating a hamburger in a diner, slowly collapsing into existential panic.

The brave Heart (Sinem Vardarli & Luca Schemata / UK / 9:51 min)
Surrealistic journey inside the body to try to sort out the problems of a hungover morning.

Weird Movies (Felipe DiPoi / Brooklyn / 1:06 min)
A lot of people don't get me...

Shift (Alison Paul / New England / 6:17 min)
The story of a man in a lighthouse in the middle of the Arctic Circle.

Skybaby (Julian Glander / NYC / 2:38 min)
A woozy exploration of memory, nostalgia and childhood.

7pm - International Shorts - Program Two.

The Tail of the Upside Down Mermaid (Sam Baum / UK / 7:20 min)
Ferdig's dream of catching a mermaid finally comes true.

Ego (Mario Addis / Italy / 5:05 min)
What if we were nothing but a breath in a balloon?  

Adina E - Changing (Yoni Goodman / Israel / 3:56 min)
A young girl runs away from home, feeling the need to escape the pain in her world.

Late Afternoon (Louise Bagnall / Ireland / 9:24 min)
Emily drifts through her memories, reliving moments in her life.

L'Homme et le Poisson (Lewis Leon / Canada / 4:08 min)
Set against the backdrop of a frozen tundra; a fisherman meets a familiar fish.

Maelstrom (Shanta Jethoe / Netherlands / 7:40 min)
Distracted by strange events, the nature of a woman’s relationship unfolds.

The Blissful Accidental Death (Sergiu Negulici / Romania / 15:11 min)
A young man finds an intriguing drawing with a secret love letter in an antique shop.

Beneath The Surface (Jessica Ashman & Yero Timi-Biu / UK / 4:05 min)
Two best friends growing up in the same world but experiencing it completely differently.

The Christmas Rabbit (Christophe Lopez Huici / UK / 10:45 min)
The tumultuous day of an old lady whose cat died on Christmas morning.

Proxy (Haidi Marburger / Switzerland / 5:35 min)
A grieving mother uses left behind data to create a replica of her dead son.

9pm - Experimental Films, Graphic Design and Music Videos.

Blue Cherry (Nathan Jurevicius / Australia-Canada / 5:04 min)
Two skaters looking for their next big adventure help an old person with their groceries.

Supervielle (Leonardo Garcia Franchi / Argentina / 2:31 min)
Abstract exploration done with paper shapes, balance between positive/negative spaces.

Growth (Tonya Amyrin Rice / Philadelphia, PA / 2:38 min)
Experimental animation combining stop motion and rotoscope.

Nebula (Marcin Nowrotek / Poland / 3:35 min)
Finding the link between two trends that develop simultaneously in the history of film.

Beastly Things (Zev Chevat / CalArts / 5:02 min)
A young artist encounters a vicious group of schoolchildren.

Word! (Amos Mulder / Netherlands / 7:09 min)
Visual exploration of language in a parallel, post-factual universe.

Garden (Derek Gieraltowski / RIT / 3:03 min)
Creation is pain.

The Backward Astronomer (Jake Nelson / NYC / 10:03 min)
Doorway leading directly to the surface of the moon.

Rex Orange County "Loving is Easy" (Chris Ullens / UK / 3:11 min)
Miniature Rex & Benny’s dreamy living room comes to life.

Marco’s Oriental Noodles (Howie Shia / Canada / 3:32 min)
Psychedelic hipsters invade a once humble ramen shop, angering its oldest patron.

Night Cadet - Never Fall (Jonathan Stroh / Seattle / 3:16 min)
Two musicians and a bear go on a road trip through the desert and beyond.

At the mountains of madness (Maksym Gudin / Netherlands / 1:28 min)
A build up to nothing, where the title never forms, the story never unfolds.

Shape of a Moving Idea (Virginia Gabrielli / Italy / 3:37 min)
Art is the core topic of the animation.

Glass Box (Izzy Liberti / MassArt / 3:31 min)
An architect lives by the ocean and thinks about space.

Sparky (xinbaonuzi / China / 4:20 min)
Sparky likes to gaze out of the window, to see every possible or impossible thing.

Hot Soup (Shane Beam / Chicago / 5:31 min)
A song made out of phrases that sound good with a video of some animals lookin' good.

Dancing Alone (Chloe Mitchell / San Francisco State / 4:05 min)
Experimental music vid of a transition from hopeless melancholy to hopeful melancholy.

Infinite Universe (Noella Borie / NYC / 1:42 min)
We live, we love, we die. We are part of the Universe, the universe is inside all of us.


Animation Block Party Opening Night News!

Animation Block Party will be celebrating it's fifteenth annual animation festival with free opening night celebration at Littlefield on Thursday, July 26, 2018.

The Opening Night festivities will feature an exclusive Pingu the Penguin cartoon, new shows from DreamWorksTV, a t-shirt launch from Brooklyn Cloth, tasty treats from My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, plus a live animated comedy showcase from Picture This!

Doors at 8pm. Animated shorts at 830pm. Picture This! from 9pm-11pm. More cartoon shorts after the comedy. Brief intermissions between sets.

Please arrive early for seats as seating will be available on a first-come, first served basis.

Littlefield is located at 635 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY 11217.